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Schlink Haus Riesling Auslese Nahe 2020

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Schlink Haus Riesling Auslese

Harvested of selected, very ripe bunches at the peak of maturity. A wine of superior quality. Intensive bouquet and taste. Fragrant, noble, and a fine-fruity aroma. A luxurious sweet and full-bodied wine.

Variety: Riesling

Varietal Percentage:  100%

Age of vines:  3-30 years

Soil type: Loamy, sandy, and slaty soil

Date picked: October

Harvest sugar: ca. 83°-100° Öchsle 

Fermentation time:  8 weeks

Temperature Range:  Cold fermentation 

Fermentation container:  Stainless steel 

Alcohol:  ca. 9,5% - 12,5% % vol .

Residual sugar:  ca. 52 -65gr/Ltr.

Acidity:  ca. 5,0-6,5gr/Ltr.

Approximate lifespan: 3-6 years

Schlink Haus Riesling Auslese Nahe 2020