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Le Fuerza Vermouth Blanco 750ml

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La Fuerza is a vermouth made with wines and herbs from the Andes. We think about it, we do it and we bottle it in Mendoza. A drink without preservatives or flavorings, only natural grape must is added. With the force of nature.

La Fuerza BLANCO is a vermouth based on Torrontés de Mendoza wine. It is made with herbs that give it a citric, floral and spicy character. Mendoza artemisia, thyme and mint, collected at the foot of the Andes stand out in their personality.

A vermouth to drink on its own, with soda or with tonic with a lemon wedge or to prepare cocktails. Alcoholic graduation: 17%

Le Fuerza Vermouth Blanco 750mlLe Fuerza Vermouth Blanco 750mlLe Fuerza Vermouth Blanco 750ml