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HipStirs Scratch Syrup

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Lavender Haze: It adds a sweet, floral note to drink that is a total game changer!

Strawberry Basil: HipStirs Strawberry Basil syrup is great in any season. It adds a light, fruity, and refreshing flavor to old classics. A new twist on a margarita, or pair it with a mezcal to help cut the smokiness down.

Blackberry Mint: Our Blackberry Mint syrup is a simple way to elevate any drink! It pairs well with anything, but we especially love it in Whiskey based drinks. We hope it's flavors are refreshing and transport you to the summer patio sippin' we are all looking so forward to!

Fresno Chile: description coming soon

Hibiscus Honey: description coming soon

Elderflower Honey: description coming soon

HipStirs Scratch Syrup