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Cockburn's Tawny Porto 10 Year (500 ml)

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Winemaker Notes

Aged for at least ten years in cask, this port is a blend of older wines with the addition of some younger wines to give balance. Complex and delicate, it has a fresh crispness of taste that comes with the judicious blending and constant refreshing of the wines that make up the blend. Ten-years-old Tawny is a wine to enjoy at any time - chilled, as a summer aperitif or as an accompaniment to cheese and fruit at the end of a meal.


This one really is something special. If you’re after a port that lingers in the memory like an idyllic holiday, our 10 Year Old once tasted is impossible to forget.


In the hands of our winemakers, time is a tool. Old and young wines are expertly blended with one eye on how they complement each other now, and the other on what the port will be like after 10 years spent in century-old casks. Quantum stuff.


Softly sweet foods that complement the wine’s delicate notes of honey, caramel and vanilla. There's no occasion (or dish) that wouldn’t be improved by the opening of a bottle of 10 Year Old. A great accompaniment to a romantic anniversary at home.

Cockburn's Tawny Porto 10 Year (500 ml)Cockburn's Tawny Porto 10 Year (500 ml)Cockburn's Tawny Porto 10 Year (500 ml)