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Cockburn's Fine Ruby Porto (750 ml)

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A lively light ruby color with fresh red-fruit aromas of cherry and raspberry. Well-balanced with soft fruity flavors that lead to a long, elegant finish.


Savor this port in a large wine glass at room temperature, or slightly chilled in warm weather to appreciate its ripe fruit flavors. Perfect served at the end of a meal, or after a brisk walk in the cold. Does not need to be decanted. Consume within four to six weeks of opening.


Cockburn’s Fine Ruby is the perfect accompaniment to cheese or rich chocolate desserts but is also wonderful enjoyed on its own or as part of a mixed drink.


The ‘Port & Lemon’ Fill a tall glass with ice and add 70ml of Cockburn’s Ruby. Add 20ml of sugar syrup and squeeze in 20ml of lemon juice. Top up with 100ml of soda water, swirl, and garnish with a slice of lemon and a glacé cherry.

Cockburn's Fine Ruby Porto (750 ml)Cockburn's Fine Ruby Porto (750 ml)Cockburn's Fine Ruby Porto (750 ml)